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OFF-network Wireless communications for Emergencies and General Operations


In today’s world, we fully rely on the existing commercial communication systems for our daily activities, from quotidian tasks to the most critical governmental duties. Our assumption is that such infrastructures are always available, but there are many situations where fail. In order to guarantee the communication services (especially when referred to mission-critical forces but also for the optimised performance of companies), the EC has addressed some main challenges: 1) The protection against fails, attacks or natural disasters; 2) The deployment of fast and autonomous networks; and 3) The interoperability of heterogeneous networks without manual involvement. However, current communication systems cannot guarantee such premises, as sadly shown by the dozens of millions of user connections interrupted each year in the EU and, even worse, 29% of them affecting 112 emergency calls. These failures bring not only a severe threat for the European economy, but they can also result in injury or death to first responders and other people during an emergency situation. OFF-WEGO will overcome these problems by providing a new solution for mobile voice and data communications that will enable, for the first time: 1) Total resilience against deliberate or accidental failures (immune to common failures and protection of communications by encryption); 2) Fast and autonomous deployment (no need for cumbersome infrastructures or complex procedures); and 3) Broad Interoperability (acting as gateway to different and heterogeneous networks). At company level, this project will represent the culmination of several years of R&D and an inflexion point in the evolution of our sales, turnover, profit and job generation. But more important, OFF-WEGO will bring unique opportunities for guaranteeing the communications in critical situations (avoiding personal risks and costs) and also in many industrial fields where the communications are essential for an optimised performance.

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