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Novel Subsurface Inspection Radar to Inspect Tunnels and Tunnels Linings for improved maintenance.


TUNNEL VISION is innovative and unique since it is a disruptive innovation with an extensive market potential. The subsurface Inspection radar system has a rotating antenna, which allows 360º inspection in any plane, meaning that unlike current ground penetrating inspection systems, TUNNEL VISION can extend beyond a vehicle width and inspect more than below the vehicle. A further innovation of the system is that the images produced by transformation of the radar data will be in 3D and viewed in virtual reality. The objectives of this project are to determine the feasibility of using the 360º radar technique and producing a test platform prototype for non-destructive inspection of road and railway tunnels. This requires developing algorithms to translate radar outputs into 3D images that can be easily interpreted by a non-radar engineer. TUNNEL VISION needs to be further protected whilst developing a commercial business base. There is currently awareness of this disruptive technology with tunnel owners/operators and maintenance organisations. TUNNEL VISION’s performance providing a simple non-invasive mechanism for inspecting tunnels is urgently required by this sector.

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


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