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The NGOs’ virtual reality content viewing platform


Hikaru is a Spanish SME focused on Virtual Reality for social causes. After having produced the first VR campaigns against Gender Violence, Alzheimer prevention, Bullying or Compulsive Eating Disorder, we are developing Mokita.

NGOs spend on average 15% to 35% of their total budget on low-return marketing activities (TV ads, street fundraisers). These activities are inefficient for NGOs and ill-considered by donors. Meanwhile, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments struggle to identify well-considered high-impact social projects to allocate their resources.

Mokita is a simple solution, the very first Virtual Reality content viewing platform for immersive experiencing NGOs’ projects with an integrated donation, subscription and volunteer system, with the possibility of sponsorship by CSR.

The benefits include: (i) For NGOs: Showroom of projects, reduce marketing costs, obtain more funds, transparency and accountability. (ii) For Donors: Customized offer, immersive experience, immediate transactions, donate to specific programmes, and share their interests with others. (iii) For companies implementing CSR: enhance brand perception, recruitment and retention, and brand differentiation.

We have achieved TLR6 as we have developed a prototype platform, the payment gateway, the application library, and the content player. At a commercial level, we are in close contact with CSR departments of banks, NGOs and key opinion leaders.
The opportunity is huge, the global VR content creation market is projected to rise to an astral figure of € 33.96 bn in 2024. Furthermore, NGOs give more than €53 bn annually only in EU, 2.5 bn people worldwide donate to charity and Fortune 500 firms spend €12.4 bn a year on CSR activities.

Adapting our closer competitor’s business model to our scope, we have estimated that after 5 years from launch, we will manage 1.1% of all European donations, earn €15.3M profit and generate a R.O.I of 12.67 (NPV of €5.8 M).

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Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU contribution
€ 50 000