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Use of CIME Concepts for the Development of Open Water Management Systems


The WATERCIME project aims to develop a new generation of supervision systems based upon a CIM architecture in the following water domains:

- transport and storage
- treatment and distribution of water for urban, rural and industrial areas
- wastewater management.

Most supervisory water management systems have been developed according to specific project needs without clear standards, consequently preventing their maintenance and evolution.

WATERCIME will develop a standardised, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive tool which will increase the implementation and efficiency of existing and future water management projects and which is based on a multi-vendor environment. The work will focus on security, public health, environmental and operating costs issues.

To attain these objectives the project will carry out:

- a detailed functional analysis of existing systems and end-users' requirements in order to define an open architecture for WATERCIME tools
- the development of a WATERCIME toolset based on the expertise of the project partners (hydraulic simulation, telediagnosis, optimisation, etc)
- the implementation of a WATERCIME tool on three representative end-users' test-sites for verification and refinement
- an analysis of the existing and potential market segments for the WATERCIME tool in order to align project work with market needs.


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