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Coordination for Efficient and Green Urban Mobility

Project description

Paving the way for traffic flow efficiency

It is estimated that the extension and maintenance of traffic hotspots will require investments of billions of euros by 2025. Increasing traffic in urban areas creates new challenges that existing systems cannot fulfil. As a consequence, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are high due to the time drivers spend behind the traffic hotspots. The EU-funded CEGUM project will create a method that takes into consideration both traffic flow efficiency and vehicle speed. CEGUM will evaluate and test the method taking into account the number of traffic hotspots, fuel consumption and pollution. The project aims to support an effective, safe and environmentally friendly urban mobility by coordinating all the traffic signals.


Net EU contribution
€ 214 158,72
Hogskoleringen 1
7491 Trondheim

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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