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StakeHolder-based Analysis of REsearch for Decommissioning.

Project description

A road map for Research in Decommissioning

The decommissioning process of nuclear facilities raises concerns related to safety, costs and potential environmental hazards. The EU-funded SHARE project will offer comprehensive guidelines for research allowing stakeholders to address threats and challenges, decrease costs, and improve safety. The project intends to increase confidence in the decommissioning process and support policymakers to determine areas eligible for a financial contribution. In addition, it will encourage synergies between stakeholders and other international foundations and will attract research institutions. A gap analysis will compare the desired goals with the actual situation and a strategic research agenda (SRA) will be created to determine key research goals targeting actions in which stakeholders' participation is possible, starting with a road map in the 10-15 years .


SHARE intends to provide an inclusive roadmap for Research, in technical and non-technical fields, enabling stakeholders to jointly improve safety, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Through a consultation process among the worldwide community involved in the decommissioning value chain, the project is committed to:
• Building confidence in the steps needed for the generation of knowledge on decommissioning and its safety, economic and environmental aspects
• Assist policy makers in future decisions about which research areas are most appropriate for financial support over the coming decades.
• Create synergies, cooperation and coordination between the decommissioning stakeholder community and with other international platforms and organisations in Europe and beyond,
• Engage universities and research laboratories in the innovative approaches, contributing to the maintenance of key skills in decommissioning and environmental remediation and to the development of young engineers in this growing field.

A Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) will be is set up to define main decommissioning research actions needing a coordinated effort over the next years and in particular those actions for which enhanced cooperation within the shareholder community are desirable and achievable.

These actions will result from a gap analysis where the expected situation answering to the needs and perspectives of different stakeholders will be compared to the present situation with existing and emerging innovative techniques and solutions, international best practices and advanced technologies. Three levels of stakeholders will be considered: the consortium, the expert review panel and the wider community of persons and organizations having an interest in decommissioning.

From the topics identified in the SRA, a road map with detailed actions to be implemented in the 10-15 years will be developed, with a proposal of deploy


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