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First One-Stop Video Game Culturalization Management Platform

Project description

A smart innovative web solution for culturalsation of video games

As videogames are developed in countries around the world, in Europe they must fit the local culture as regards various dimensions – from the semantics to strictly technical fields. As such, the videogame market is being forced to address issues that have to do with translation, as well as design and software interventions and different technical requirements. The EU-funded ALTAGRAM4.0 project aims to present to the videogame market innovative services like a one-stop web solution that simplifies and clarifies the culturalisation process. For gamers, the project will ensure more value at a lower cost.


Game culturalization is a complex process that involves many specialists: specialized translation (localization), software
interventions, design adaptation interventions, video captions, voice-over and transcriptions, conversion of requirements and
addressing regional, national and local regulations. Whilst there are many localization (specialized translation) agencies, the
video game industry lacks a unified solution to facilitate culturalization activities. As a result, games are full of inconsistences
in the final contents, the process is costly, time consuming and lacks expertise. Our Solution ALTAGRAM 4.0 represents an
innovative and disruptive one-stop web solution that optimizes and largely automates the culturalization process of video
games. At ALTAGRAM GmbH, we are the one-stop solution for video game localization and culturalization. The overall
objective of the Phase 2 project is, to transition our corporate strategy as service provider to become a service and product
provider. We will achieve this by scaling our existing platform ALTAGRAM which is in its version 3.0 into the full 4.0 version.
We will a) beta-test the current ALTAGRAM 3.0 platform with external users, b) launch our marketplace functionalities to
open up to further users and c) design and integrate semantics/deep learning. We are a European company and our
freelancers are all based in Europe and our team consists of Europeans. We bring revenues to Europe from our clients
spread in four continents. Our aim is to contribute to Europe being the most integrated and culturally sensitive in can be.
And, for European game companies/publishers to help them successfully enter foreign markets by having culturally
adequate and relevant game contents, especially bridging the East-West divide.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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