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The first AI-driven smart-learning platform that teaches not only contents but also interdisciplinary skills as the key to success

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Changing the teaching paradigm

Despite huge advances in technology, teaching continues to rely on a methodology largely dating back to the industrial revolution. To maximise the potential of the European Union's workforce, it is imperative that students' individual potentials be unlocked – not only in helping them meet curricular goals, but in developing interdisciplinary capabilities like self-esteem and self-criticism. Lernwolke marks a dramatic shift in the paradigm of teaching, providing an affordable Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven learning platform that provides individual learning paths to each student. The uniqueness, however, relies on teachers and coaches, supported by the AI engine, to help develop the emotional competences of each student to facilitate reaching their learning objectives while also developing as a person.


In the era of interconnected world, we are still approaching teaching with methodologies from the industrial revolution. The result of the one-size-fits-all approach is (in EU) a 22% of underachivers in mathematics, 18% in reading and 17% in science. To maximize the potential of the future EU workforce (the students of today) we need a change of the teaching paradigm. We need to provide students with advanced tools for achieving their curricular goals but also, we need to coach them to develop their interdisciplinary competences (self-esteem, self-criticism, etc.) to unlock their true potential. Today, most schools do not have the resources (time & money) to provide individual learning and parents must support their children with private tutoring, that cost up to 1000€ per child per year. There are multitude of smart learning platforms today (Duolingo, Smartick, etc.) but they lack the capacity to develop student interdisciplinary competences. As a result, most students give up e-learning platforms after 3 weeks.
Tobias and Michael, primary school teachers (IT background) have committed to change this paradigm by developing lernwolke. Lernwolke is an affordable Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven learning platform that provides individual learning paths to each student. Our uniqueness, however, relies in the human component of our AI. Teachers and coaches, supported by the AI engine, help develop the emotional competences of each student and facilitate reaching their learning objectives and develop as a person. As there are no set goals, but the goals are adjusted to the capability of each student, lernwolke eliminates the concept of failure that is so detrimental for children.
Our confidence in lernwolke relies in the 4000+ students from over 40 schools that have already validated the potential of our technology and the 16 letters of support received. With lernwolke we plan to reach an EBITDA of by 22M€ by 2025 (ROI 15,8) while increase our team by 12 members

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