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Sibiu HCEV: an Intelligent Hybrid High Capacity Electric Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle


With a coastline of 89,000 km, along two oceans, four seas and large overseas territories, Europe can be considered as a blue continent. Seas and oceans are important for human well-being and wealth, but they are also affected by human activities directly and indirectly. Marine robotics technologies play a key role in a wide range of functional applications including: a) environmental surveys, and assessment; scientific data collection and sampling b) oil and gas surveys c) harbour and border surveillance and protection d) critical infrastructures inspection (e.g wave and wind offshore energy installations) e) underwater farming and fish-farming etc... The use of marine robots in industry, research and service applications has dramatically increased in the last 20 years. The market for underwater system is among the most valuable within professional service robots. Yet there are both technical and non-technical market barriers that need to be adressed, including but not limited to: a) low cost, easy to use, systems for persistent autonomous surveillance and monitoring operations b) lack of standardization and regulations c) underwater optical and acoustic communications, vision and localization d) combined vehicle-manipulator systems for underwater infrastructures inspection. The overall objective of Nido Robotics with this innovation project is to introduce Sibiu HCEV in the high capacity electrical vehicle segment of the mini-ROV market. The Sibiu HCEV is a disruptive underwater robot that will allow companies to harness cutting edge robotics technology in an easy to use format in order to reduce risk to personnel and operations, CAPEX and OPEX. We expect to reach a leading position in the European market, increasing rapidly the market share and sales of the company, encouraged by an innovative and competitive solution for our clients (Underwater Surveying Companies) and an easy and fast adoption of the end users (Underwater Asset Owners).

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