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DLIVER - Digital B2B marketplace for fast and efficient parcel delivery

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - DLIVER (DLIVER - Digital B2B marketplace for fast and efficient parcel delivery)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2019-06-01 al 2019-11-30

DLIVER creates a B2B digital platform that matches the demand for same-day delivery of freight/goods with all available transport resources.
For senders, DLIVER offers a convenient way to book a shipment with transparent prices, location tracking, and online payment. This means they can boost their competitiveness as they can offer delivery at a competitive rate without owning a full logistics system.
For transportation companies, the DLIVER solution is a unique opportunity for better utilization of their fleet with optimization of their vehicle capacity and less empty backhauls. This means that without a big upfront investment in building their own digital platform, they can deliver more parcels with fewer vans, thereby reducing delivery costs and ultimately benefiting consumers and the environment. Moreover, DLIVER gives them access to more customers with an online marketplace platform available on iOS, Android and Web.
For DLIVER it is our mission to create an economically sustainable platform that helps to reduce the global emission of CO2.
With the funding received through SME Phase 1, DLIVER has completed a feasibility study and enhanced our business plan with the target of a worldwide launch of the DLIVER platform Q3 2021.

To create awareness and get market response DLIVER has attended conferences, where we have presented the solution. To key stakeholders and obtained their feedback via surveys. To test the service in practice, DLIVER has soft-launched the app to customers that now use DLIVER on a daily basis. Thus, we have real-life performance testing of the DLIVER solution to ensure robustness, reliability and user experiences.

DLIVER has moreover, participated in an IP-course, as well as consulted law firms about IP security, and based on this knowledge created a strategy to protect the intellectual property DLIVER possesses. In connection with this, an FTO-analysis have been performed to ensure that DLIVER does not infringe any IP protections.

Technologically DLIVER is at TRL 6 having successfully demonstrated a prototype in an operational environment and having started testing the DLIVER solution. We are entering an industry with great traditions that might be reluctant to changes, however, the tests have proven that the service is attractive to the B2B market. It is currently active in Denmark and is planned to be introduced in other European countries like Germany, Czech Republic and Italy, as well as Singapore and Indonesia soon. Since DLIVER is a digital solution, we can expand to international markets rather fast, and we are confident that we will conquer market share, as we have a differentiated service compared to the existing players.
DLIVER have already proved a significant impact on customers both on-demand and supply side in transportation ecosystem, and not least at the customers with many transactions where major results have been achieved in terms of efficiency, creating new business and the better overall economy.
We have in some cases reduced the driven kilometres with somewhere between 30-35% by bundling deliveries across suppliers and using most optimal vehicles for deliveries. This also means significant reduced CO2 emissions in the environment and plays a growing role in all supply chains.
All these results give us good faith that we are on the right track with our project and DLIVER will see a fast-growing revenue in 2020 and the years ahead. We predict to be more than 200 employees in 2024 as well as being a major player in the transport eco-system creating real solutions to reducing the CO2 outlet significantly.
Our conclusion is very clear: The more users, customers and vehicles using DLIVER, the greater the results we will have on the environmental impact from the transportation of goods, which we think is key to a sustainable future.
DLIVER at a logistic conference arranged by the Danish Industry association.