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Eco-innovative building products for sustainable construction


As the EU pushes forward to significantly reduce both its energy consumption and carbon footprint, green construction has become a top priority. Today construction and the use of building materials in the EU account for nearly 50% of Europe’s extracted materials, 50% of its energy consumption, one-third of its water consumption, and one-third of all waste generation. A dramatic change in the construction industry represents the largest potential for cost-effective emission reduction and a significant reduction in energy demand. There are also many other potential benefits from green construction, such as improved air quality, and increased thermal comfort. RE-CREATE is developing the next-generation of innovation in composite building products, made from 100% natural elements and maintaining a circular economy at all of the stages of the product life cycle. RE-CREATE is scientifically designed for mass production of building bricks, wall tiles, and 3D modular structures. CRIATERRA will introduce RE-CREATE as a very cost-effective construction material to improve energy efficiency and comfort in dwellings, while outperforming conventional materials. By our unique value proposition of materials that are structurally strong, deeply sustainable (100% natural made), exceptionally thermal resistant (6 times more than concrete) and have the bending strength of concrete, RE-CREATE will enable wide adoption of green materials. RE-CREATE is made up from 70% recycled ingredients, and the end products are 100% recyclable themselves and 100% perishable-in-nature. Our manufacturing technology drastically reduces GHG emissions (97% less than concrete), and consumes 90% less energy than ceramics. CRIATERRA aims to revolutionize construction materials just like bio-plastics are transforming the plastic industry. This is what differentiates our offer: our unique combination of sustainability, strength and affordability, enabling a circular economy in the building industry.

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


14 Ha'mashbir St
5885617 Holon
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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