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Hybrid UAV-UGV for Efficient Relocation of Vessels

Project description

Putting eyes in the sky to relocate vessels

Drones are fast taking over our skies, with potential that is yet to be fully explored. Integrated with the European global satellite-based navigation system Galileo, a new hybrid mobile robot UGV-UAV (unmanned ground vehicle – unmanned aerial vehicle) is being designed for the efficient relocation of vessels. The EU-funded HUUVER project is developing this drone, which will provide authentication service and precise navigation. The HUUVER system will include a core management system with features such as mission planning navigation, guidance and control. The project is also developing an end-user mobile application. Eventually, the HUUVER platform may be used in search and rescue missions as well as patrolling and mentoring.


The project HUUVER - Hybrid UAV-UGV for Efficient Relocation of Vessels will result with a prototype UAV-UGV platform that combines two types of propulsion systems. This patented technical solution will activate flying and driving capabilities in one compact and highly integrated autonomous drone.

The HUUVER drone will be the first fully integrated with the Galileo navigation system that provides the authentication service and precise navigation and will be fundamental in the navigation system. The positioning accuracy shall be achieved with the sensor fusion system based on multi-constellation satellite navigation system, inertial data and ranging information. The dual-frequency Galileo signals on the E1 and E5b bands will be used for correction of the ionospheric error, will also protect against malitious attacs. The credibility of the provided Galileo positioning will be assured by the new Open Service Navigation Message Authentication.

The motivation of the presented product takes its origin directly from the user perspective and expectations, where the flexibility, reliability, extended range are among the most mentioned. Completing for interfacing with an end-user, the HUUVER system will also include a core management system with features like mission planning navigation, guidance and control.

A complementary part of the system will be an end-user mobile application enabling mission demand, launch control. The HUUVER platform is expected to be successful in professional missions for search & rescue, patroling & monitoring and industrial logistics. The solution will be tested by end users during the project realization.

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