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Technologies to detect climate change impact on vines

Climate change affects the wine industry, threatening the sector with negative social and economic effects. There is a need for a method to detect and determine climate change impact on vine, grape and wine. Proposals for adaptation solutions is also vital. The EU-funded vWISE project, comprising 13 partners from the major wine producing countries in the world, will facilitate vanguard technologies and advanced technics in the field of viticulture and winemaking. It will focus on developing methods that will estimate the impact of climate change on the sector as well as possible adaptation responses. By applying sophisticated techniques, it will study the extent of climate change on quality modifications, microorganisms’ metabolism, and ripening process in vines and grapes.


vWISE is a RISE in the field of viticulture and oenology, which focuses on the consequences and solutions to the impact of climatic change on vines, grapes and wines: in particular on abiotic stress on vines and grape quality and ripening with genetic exploitation, reduction of alcohol level in wine by adapted yeasts and engineering process, adapted microorganisms to prevent spoilage, wine quality changes and sensorial preservation. Climate change represents a considerable threat to the wine industry in Europe that has social and economic consequences. This RISE comprises of 13 partners from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Chile and South Africa. The team is internationally recognized, highly qualified and employ cutting-edge technologies and emergent techniques. Synergies and complementarities between the research teams are already efficient and will develop further through the network.
The vWISE will:
-focus on innovation to develop methods tools and standards to help assess the impact of climate change scenarios and adaptation responses,
-permit 39 researchers mobilities with interweaving approaches in the increasingly sophisticated techniques required to gain insights into vines, grapes and microorganisms metabolism and to develop novel methods to fight against climatic changes and to give advances on wine authenticity,
-improve understanding of climate change and linkages with sustainable development,
-improve safety and biodiversity.
- Researchers will be able to integrate multi-level approaches to make conceptual advances in the field with the international
network, helping them to acquire operational experience, new knowledge, scientific methods and transferable skills that will ensure opportunities and career perspectives in R&D departments or management in private companies.
vWISE will make careers in European oenosciences and viticulture more attractive to scientists (young, junior and senior) after their mobilities.


Net EU contribution
€ 78 200,00
33000 Bordeaux

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 78 200,00

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