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SHOW MOTION: Real time intelligent system for biomechanical motion and muscular diagnosis

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SHOW MOTION (SHOW MOTION: Real time intelligent system for biomechanical motion and muscular diagnosis)

Berichtszeitraum: 2019-10-01 bis 2020-01-31

Evaluating orthopedic treatment has historically relied on clinician's evaluation, patient satisfaction surveys and other subjective assessment tools to define the success of treatment. There is no single, objective, universal method capable of providing a common metric to be used by all caregivers.
Through the use of proprietary algorithms and with the use of AI, we have perfected a way to capture, display and record normal and abnormal joint function considered by many to be a quantum leap in the use of this technology.
Proprietary software, in-house designed sensors, high bandwidth receiver and using rigorously designed protocols make up what is known as the Showmotion™. In a five-minute session, Showmotion™ is able to support diagnosis and monitor the progress of patients’ therapy.
Heart of the system is a database of motion populated by each user's session. These data will be available for researchers, industry, healthcare systems and third-party players and have the potential to be used as a diagnostic tool for various orthopedic conditions.
With the feasibility study, we aimed at studying the targeted market, implementing market segmentation logics, defining market penetration strategies, price positioning and refining the overall business model approach.
With a total estimated market potential of more than €5.4B and a total addressable market around €750MM/€1.5B the developed business plan draws a positive and promising scenario, confirming that the proposed innovation is definitely economically achievable and allowing the definition of a better GoToMarket strategy.
Showmotion™ has currently recorded over 7,000 patients in Europe and in the United States, e.g. Charité(Germany), University of Modena(Italy), Rizzoli(Italy), Campus Biomedico (Italy), Lexington clinic(Lexington, KY, US), UC Health(Denver, CO, US), Loyola Chicago(US), UCONN(US), Johns Hopkins(US).
There are multiple studies and publications in progress using the technology to validate surgical and rehab treatments and to further reinforce the scientific validity of the method.
In an era where the cost for the healthcare system is becoming almost anywhere no longer sustainable, by changing the way we account for value-based evidence, we can definitely improve the economical efficiency of provided treatments. Selecting the best and more appropriate therapies, not only correlates to an impactful economical saving but also it increases the value intended for the patient
Showmotion while in use on a subject/ patient. In this particolar phase of the protocol, the calibra
two inertial sensors while positioned in the recharching station. In the back, it is visible the S