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LightSense's Breakthrough medical device for aesthetic healthcare

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CLEAN SLATE (LightSense's Breakthrough medical device for aesthetic healthcare)

Berichtszeitraum: 2019-06-15 bis 2020-06-14

LightSense has developed and patented a breakthrough technology that dramatically improves non-invasive dermatological healthcare.

We plan to bring this technology to market through skincare clinics. We will initially offer aesthetic dermatology services focused on exogenous and endogenous pigments because (1) there is large and growing market, over 100 million people are looking for a solution; (2) current treatment offerings are ineffective, painful, damaging to skin tissue, and very lengthy; (3) our technology breakthrough positions us to offer a significantly better treatment experience.

With success in treating pigmentation disorders, we intend to quickly expand our offer, establishing industry-wide and academically recognised solutions for many laser dermatology procedures. This project focuses on finalising product development and testing, gaining regulatory approval through clinical studies, and final commercialisation of the innovation.
We took significant steps towards the achievement of project objectives during the reporting period.

We conducted a successful clinical study. The study approved and validated the safety and efficacy of LightSense’s technology. Both primary and secondary study end points were met successfully.

We finalised product design and development of the commercial system and submitted for CE Medical Certification, which we obtained in the project period.

The CE certification was crucial to commercial launch and we have since set out to open a pilot clinic. Although we did not launch the clinic during the first reporting period, we were able to undertake meaningful preparation, including securing, designing, and renovating a space as well as commencing hiring and training of clinic staff.

We created brand assets, including selecting our name and logo, and launched our website. We established a social media presence and posted quality proprietary content. We initiated various marketing channels in anticipation of the pilot clinic launch.
Our focus for the final year of the project is commercial launch and validation. We expect to launch our pilot clinic in London early in the final year. By the end of the project period, we are targeting at least 100 successful treatments. A successful treatment being defined by a customer achieving their desired outcome from treatment. By the end of the project period, we expect to have an optimised treatment process and experience that we can replicate across other clinics.

We will undertake continuous improvement of our technology to ensure treatment effectiveness and manufacturability of our system in anticipation of scaling.

We believe this treatment can empower people to start new beginnings. In the United Kingdom, we are developing a charity program that will also offer free service to select members of marginalised communities in attempt to democratise access to cutting edge healthcare technology.

During the final year of the project, it is our goal to understand how to maximise the impact of these types of programs. We anticipate engaging in similar programs in other launch cities, employing our philosophy of continuous improvement.
Clean Slate