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Innovative & Integrated Security System on Board Covering the Life Cycle of a Passenger Ships Voyage

Project description

Innovative method for ship passengers’ safety

The safety of passengers on ships represents a major concern for a ship’s security officer and crew. The EU-funded ISOLA project will develop, test, deploy, demonstrate and validate a systematic and entirely automated security approach based on the integration of innovative sensing technologies, monitoring, data fusion, real-time alarming and reporting during incidents. The project will establish strategies and methods to easily incorporate solutions that ensure passenger and crew safety within existing ship systems, propose innovative sensor and visual technologies and create a complex collaborative system for monitoring and identifying security risks. The project will also propose early warning methods to prevent security incidents and allow the easy involvement of authorities in case of crisis.


ISOLA project combines state-of-the-art technologies blended with novel solutions to enhance the Situational Awareness and support the assigned Ship Security Officer & Crew to the execution of their duties especially to the Ship Security Plan. The suggested system is contextually aligned and harmonised with the existing regulations. Constraints to integration will also be looked at with attention given to key architecture framework criteria: standardisation, interoperability, openness, flexibility, adaptability, ability to evolve, scalability, modularity, simplicity, usability, robustness, information management, decision support and mission effectiveness, and legacy integration. ISOLA develops, integrates, tests, deploys, demonstrates and validates a systematic and fully automated security approach by incorporating innovative technologies for sensing, monitoring, data fusion, alarming and reporting real-time during illegal incidents. This will ensure high level of security among all the passengers of the ship and augmentation of the Ship Security Plan. The main objectives of ISOLA are: (i) to create strategies and methods in order to a ship to easily integrated solutions regarding passengers and crew safety in the existing ship systems; (ii) to propose innovative sensor and visual technologies to support security safety; (iii) to create a complex collaborative system for monitoring and detecting security incidents and events; (iv) to create early warning methods for the ship security crew to prevent security issues; (v) to collect incident evidences by exploiting the Augmented Reality; (vi) to allow easy engagement of different authorities in a ship related crisis; (vii) to model, classify and easily report a security event.

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€ 709 375,00
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