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Energy as a Service for clean transportation

Project description

Cloud solution paves way for e-trucks

Transport is the only sector in the EU that did not record any significant decline in greenhouse gas emissions in the last decades. Road transport is causing the biggest number of greenhouse gas emissions of all means of transport. It is responsible for around 20 % of the EU's total emissions of CO2. Modernisation of road freight transport is therefore vital. Electric trucks will be a key component of Europe's efforts in this area, but this strategy remains limited due to logistical impracticalities. The EU-funded Energy Trailer project is developing a cloud-based solution that could help save up to 50 % of energy, double the range of e-trucks, supply power to the grid, and monitor the performance and control units with an easy-to-use interface.


Road transportation dominates freight operations all around the world and is vital for economy welfare, trade and tourism due to its essential role in connecting production and final consumers. Nevertheless, besides benefits to society, it implies a major negative impact on the environment and health due to GHG emissions. Moreover, the sector has been growing continuously in recent years and this trend is forecasted to continue, making the strategy for decarbonized road freight transport a global priority. Modernization of road freight transport is needed. It is anticipated that electric trucks will be a key component of Europe’s efforts to reduce the impact of climate change and air quality but this strategy remains limited due to logistical impracticalities. At IM Efficiency, we have developed a breakthrough concept: the Energy Trailer, a clean energy service easy to be implemented in trucks already operating in the field. Our Energy as a Service cloud-based solution is the first service for the logistic industry which is able to save up to 50% of energy, double the range of e-trucks, supply power to the grid, and monitor the performance and control units through a user-friendly cloud interface. Recently, we have participated in the CleanTechCamp (Spain) and the Mobility Lab (The Netherlands) and we were also selected to pitch at the EU Sustainable Energy Week. We were part of the “PV in Mobility” program as experts in Solar Mobility. We address customers in the logistics industry: transport operators, distribution centres and energy retailers. We have built a solid ecosystem of partners and stakeholders for the rapid growth of our unique business (e.g. TNO, Emons Group and Gehlen-Schols Logistics). Our mission is to be the leading of road freight transport energy service provider and make our solutions globally available and widely used to improve environment and quality of life. Now we are applying to the SME Instrument Phase 1 to carry out a Feasibility Study.

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