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Training the people. A transnational history of sport in interwar Europe.

Project description

How European sport changed in the interwar period

In the European interwar period, sport was impacted by considerable changes. In fact, this period is particularly important for the history of sports. For instance, amateurism gave way to national and social ideals. The world of sport also became highly politicised. To date, this change process has been studied on a national historical basis. As such, it remains unexplored in its transnational dimension. The EU-funded Training People project will investigate the changing nature of European sport from a transnational perspective, revealing similarities and national differences. The project will focus on three main aspects of European sport related to the perception of hygiene and health campaigns, the politicisation of sports events and the growing replacement of amateurism by professionalism.


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Nordrhein-Westfalen Münster Münster, Kreisfreie Stadt
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