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Standardised administration device for raw medical herbs

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - In-Heal (Standardised administration device for raw medical herbs)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2019-11-01 al 2020-04-30

Public interest towards natural medicine, in particular to phytotherapy (herbal medicine), is increasing (CAGR=17%). Among all, market of medical marijuana increases the fastest (CAGR=20-30%). However, the administration of medicinal herbs, in particular medical marijuana, is not yet standardised and medically acceptable administration device is not commercially available yet.

We have developed high-end smart vaporiser for medicinal herbs. Our In-Heal device enables very efficient and precise dosing of useful ingredients by vaporising valuable active ingredients from raw herbs directly, without the emission of any harmful compounds as opposed to combustion (e.g. e-cigarettes).
During this phase 1 project, we made detailed plan for the refinement of our technology in order to fulfil medical device requirements.

We have upgraded our temperature control system and improved our hardware components. We defined the regulatory strategy and the documentation for regulatory compliance. We made a detailed design for pre-clinical experiments, including safety and biocompatibility studies, pulmonary human toxicity and efficacy evaluations. We made a detailed plan for the clinical validation focusing on ethical and legal issues of the validation studies.

We carried out a detailed novelty search with the help of a patent attorney. An IPR strategy was formulated for the different results of our activities.

We refined our business plan, to determine the financial need for our commercialisation our product.

Finally, we made a detailed plan for an EIC Accelerator proposal.
In-Heal technology will be the first and so far the only medically certified portable smart device for herb vapour administration. The medical certification and precise, effective dosing are possible, because of our highly effective heating technology with very accurate temperature and volatile gas control. The control algorithm is based on precise temperature and glow sensing and gives calibrated, accurate temperature control, which include important innovations.

The In-Heal device will open up a new market segment within the medical cannabis market as a certified medical device enabling safe, efficient and precise dosing. Furthermore, the success of this project will in particular boost the growth of our company.