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Creation of a holistic methodology for REnovation Advice with focus on Lending solutions differentiated by target group.

Project description

Involving lenders to encourage homeowners to renovate

Mortgage lenders should play a role in satisfying both homeowners and homebuyers. They can encourage homeowners to renovate in order to increase the value and make it energy efficient. In turn, the homebuyer can be safely financed out of the risk. But, homeowners need support to select the best option according to their abilities and needs. For this reason, the EU-funded C - R.E.A.L. project will create a novel, promising business methodology. The structural cooperation of a mortgage lender with a renovation adviser in a province of Limburg, Belgium, will offer a choice from several financing options with additional personalised quality guidance in the field of renovation. It will increase clients’ satisfaction and secure high-quality renovation.


The main objective of C-REAL is to establish a permanent, structural collaboration between a mortgage lender (Onesto) and a renovation adviser (Dubolimburg) to increase the degree of renovation and improve renovation quality in the province of Limburg. In addition to this and to achieve full customer satisfaction, an effective cooperation between the renovation adviser and contractors will be set up.

Actively involving lenders to encourage home owners and home buyers to renovate provides significant added value. Lenders play a crucial role in purchasing and are frequently in contact with purchasers. Moreover, based on the existing customer relationship regarding the home, lenders can address owners directly. It is of great importance to lenders that homes that they finance are made optimally energy-efficient, as it is believed to reduce their risk. A supply of financing options, combined with a range of services to provide advice and guidance for the renovation, and timely and qualitative execution, provides all parties with significant added value, which paves the way for a clear, solid and scalable business model.

In setting up these structural collaborations and offering integrated home renovation services, we will focus on the following 3 target groups, guiding them through the whole customer journey. We want to support :
- home buyers in thoroughly renovating their home shortly after they have purchased it and preferably before moving into it;
- owners who already have a current mortgage loan, urging them to make the home more energy efficient;
- associations of co-owners (ACO’s) of apartment buildings.

At the final stage C-REAL will document the methodologies developed and deployed on a small scale for each of these target groups and use it as a basis for recommendations to various potential stakeholders. In particular for Duwolim, the energyhouse in Limburg, who will integrate the project’s results into its current operation.

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