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A comparative Study of Italy-USA on male and female entrepreneurship through the EntreComp Framework

Project description

To empower women with competencies

The EU has made significant progress in gender equality over the last decades, but inequalities still exist. In 2016, to promote the development of entrepreneurial competencies, with special attention to gender equality, the EU developed the Framework of the Entrepreneurship Competence (EntreComp). Women entrepreneurs in Europe today are still not on an equal footing. For this reason, the EU-funded WOentrecompMEN project will revise and innovate current tools and methods in EntreComp studies. The world’s most innovative frameworks, methodologies, education models and best practices-driven tools will be transferred and adapted in a European environment to enhance the effective and equitable model of entrepreneurship based on competencies.


WOentrecompMEN aims to further innovative tools and methods to analyse and develop the competencies of entrepreneurs to foster the entrepreneurial potential of both males and females as a source (often under-exploited in the latter case) of economic growth for a society that promotes gender equality in education and entrepreneurship, which align with the objectives and initiatives of the European Union and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The project will explore the validity of the Entrepreneurship Competence (EntreComp) Framework, which was developed in 2016 by the European Union to foster the development of entrepreneurial competence, by comparing it with American frameworks and studying the competencies of 30 American and 30 Italian entrepreneurs, of which 50% will be male and 50% will be female, through competency analysis tools, such as behavioural event interviews. WOentrecompMEN will allow the ER to add value to knowledge of this area of study in Europe, particularly at the Free University of Bolzano (Italy), by transferring, adapting and innovating knowledge on American entrepreneurial frameworks, new methodologies and tools based on competencies, the best training practices of entrepreneurship based on the competencies of a country that stands as a role model in the field of entrepreneurship education and developing a network of the best scholars of entrepreneurship in the world from the Ohio University, Babson College of Massachusetts, the University of Florida and the Tampa University of Florida.


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