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(Homological Projective Duality)-invariance of the Tate, Beilinson and Riemann conjectures

Project description

A variety of novel proofs address some of the most important conjectures in mathematics

Many people might remember factoring polynomial equations in secondary school math classes. Not everyone uses them in their job, but polynomial equations are relevant to a variety of fields from finance and electronics to chemistry, physics and engineering. Algebraic varieties represent solutions of a system of polynomial equations in real or complex number space, and they are the subject of three of the most important conjectures in mathematics: the Tate, Beilinson and Riemann conjectures. The EU-funded HPD-inv of TBR project is enhancing the descriptions associated with these three conjectures and applying the resulting proof to additional important topics regarding algebraic varieties.


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€ 224 933,76
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 224 933,76