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Designing the I-Do Service: Facilitating Inclusion and Empowerment of People Living with Dementia through Access to Cultural and Creative Activities

Project description

Improving the socio-cultural participation and empowerment of people living with dementia

People living with dementia face several obstacles to continued participation in the community, such as cognitive and behavioral changes, dementia-related stigma and social isolation. Especially people at the early stages of dementia often wish to contribute to the community and feel valued for it. To promote their empowerment and socio-cultural participation, the EU-funded IDoService project will develop a service to allow people living with dementia to plan, connect with and participate in tailored opportunities to realise themselves and continue to contribute to society and be fully part of it. Using a participatory co-design approach, we will work with people living with dementia, their families, carers and other stakeholders to develop and test the I-Do Service in Manchester, UK.


Net EU contribution
€ 212 933,76
Oxford Road All Saints Building
M15 6BH Manchester
United Kingdom

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North West (England) Greater Manchester Manchester
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 0,00