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Big Extragalactic Surveys Treated Through Innovative MEthods

Project description

New software to extract info from Cosmic Dawn Survey database

This is where astronomy meets big data mining. While new telescopes are powerful enough to capture the rarest galaxy types, it is a challenge to analyse this data. The EU-funded BESTTIME project will design machine learning software to extract information from the Cosmic Dawn Survey database. Specifically, it will conduct an advanced statistical analysis in unprecedented demographics, such as stellar mass function, of high redshift (z>3), massive (>5e10 Msol) galaxies. The findings will improve our understanding of the physical mechanisms driving star formation in such extreme galaxies, which are thought to contain most of the stellar mass in the early universe.

Call for proposal

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Norregade 10
1165 Kobenhavn
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 207 312