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Welcoming highly-talented international post-docs in Brittany

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BIENVENUE (Welcoming highly-talented international post-docs in Brittany)

Berichtszeitraum: 2020-11-01 bis 2022-10-31

Région Bretagne is supporting the internationalisation of the Breton scientific communities. It translates into several actions, such as project engineering for emerging European collaborations and projects, recruitment of postdoctoral researchers with international experience, and funding of costs to encourage the submission by Breton researchers of proposal to European calls. Its supports the growing implication of Breton actors in European-wide projects and EU-funded projects, leading to an increase by 62% of the amount of funding received by Breton academic actors under Horizon 2020 compared to the previous European framework programme.

Since November 2020, Région Bretagne is implementing the H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2019 BIENVENÜE project with a wide consortium of partner institutions, including the major part of Breton laboratories. The COFUND action has been identified as a structuring opportunity for the Breton R&I ecosystem: a support of the work by research institutions engaged in the HRS4R process, for diffusion of MSCA good practices, and a new visibility and attractiveness of Breton scientific communities thank to the MSCA label. Moreover, by orientating towards a contribution of all funded projects to the regional R&I S3, the BIENVENÜE project should help to maximize the implementation of this regional strategy.

The objectives of the BIENVENÜE programme are the following:

- develop a knowledge-driven economy with international recognition and local identity
- reinforce human capital of the region in R&I
- maximise RIS3 implementation by heightening research excellence, cross-sectoral innovation, and collaboration between academic, non-academic and policy makers, thus stimulating regional development
So far, two out of the three calls have been implemented. The first call was launched on Month 3 (5th January 2021), with a selection process from Months 5 to 9 (March – July 2021). The second call was launched on Month 14 (1st December 2021), with the selection process from Months 16 to 20 (February – June 2022). 28 projects were funded each call.
Région Bretagne aims at the following overall impact with the implementation of the BIENVENÜE project:
- Reinforcement of research and higher education system upstream and fostering of a favourable environnement for innovation downstream
- Attract skilled individuals to sustain innovation and strenghten collaboration among takeholders to stimulate innovation at the regional level

The BIENVENÜE project aims for fellows to foster scientific independence and maturity and to develop transversal professional skills and furthering new opportunities. On the programme level, the BIENVENÜE project should enhance the regional HR potential, boost the regional R&I community and its international visibility, while strenghtening practices of participating organizations with principles set out by the EU for human resources development in research and innovation.

Over the two first years of the implementation of the project, the most important result is the funding of 56 research projects over the 2 first calls. 28 projects have begun between October 2021 and January 2022, while the 28 projects funded in call 2 will begin between September 2022 and January 2023. On the long-term, several fellows have been recruited as permanent researchers before the end of their fellowship within Breton laboratories.