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Integrated Open Access Materials Modelling Innovation Platform for Europe

Project description

Engineering the future of materials modelling

Materials modelling is a critical part of modern engineering. Complex engineering projects often utilise materials modelling in order to inform designs during planning, building and beyond. By simulating materials, decisions can be made regarding structural integrity, material choice and design viability. This means that extensive, reliable data on materials needs to be sourced to produce the best results. The EU-funded OpenModel project is developing an open-access materials modelling platform that aims to provide a comprehensive solution for Europe’s materials modelling needs. The ultimate goal is to standardise materials modelling workflows, provide easy access to data and foster innovation by offering a solution that can be adapted to various industries.


"OpenModel provides an integrated open access material modelling platform designed to be easily integrated with, and usable by, any existing and future EU platforms, e.g. Open Translation Environments (OTE), Materials Modelling Market Places (MMMP), Innovation Test Beds (ITB), and Business Decision Support Systems (BDSS). Furthermore, OpenModel integrates with Life Cycle Analysis as well as the ""plug and produce"" and characterization open innovation environments to enable better integration of characterization and processing into materials modelling workflows. The OpenModel platform directly addresses the needs of industry for creating and executing standardised advanced materials modelling workflows by offering 5 main ingredients: 1) EMMO based ontology extensions as basis for all developments, 2) An Interoperability layer providing an implementation of EMMO-based Common Universal Data Structures classes (CUDS) for describing any modelling workflow or simulation data in a semantic manner, 3) An Open Simulation Platform based on standardised interfaces and semantic common application programming interfaces (API), to enable integration of third party physics based modelling codes, 4) Smart workflow builders that respond to semantic information and requirements from OTE, MMMP, ITB, and BDSS and creates on the fly advanced workflows taking into account Key Business and Technical Performance Indicators (KPI) utilising the semantic power embedded in the platform, and 5) workflow executors and curators able to perform and manage the results making it readily and transparently available for further control and processing by the other platforms. OpenModel targets multiple use cases and materials with their processing in the fields of environment, aviation and automotive industry, yet OpenModel's scope is generic and can thus address all materials modelling, processing and characterization fields. OpenModel is the platform for materials modelling Services in Europe."

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