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Scanner for Early-Stage Quality Control in Silicon Carbide Crystals

Project description

Detecting defects before the wafer stage will reduce scrap and boost marketability

Silicon carbide (SiC) is an important crystalline semiconductor material. In addition to its electrical properties, it is also extremely hard, can withstand very high temperatures and is resistant to chemical reactions. As a result, SiC is a prime contender for both high-power, high-temperature electronics and abrasion and cutting applications. However, the scrap rate for crystalline wafers is currently very high due to uncontrolled growth and defects, significantly increasing market price and thus inhibiting more widespread use. The Swiss SME Scientific Visual has developed a scanner that can detect defects in transparent crystalline materials such as sapphire before processing. It also collects real-time process data that enable manufacturers to modify parameters and reduce the occurrence of future defects. The EU-funded SiC_Scope project is helping the company adapt this technology to SiC and other non-transparent materials.

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