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Coordinating and synchronising multimodal transport improving road, rail, water and air transport through increased automation and user involvement

Risultati finali

Ethics, security, and gender balance plan

Describes the identification and monitoring of ethical issues Special care will be given to the topic of security Moreover the plan will address the gender dimension of the project

Pre-Studies on environment analysis and drivers

PreStudy are provided on legal and regulatory status quo actor and market analysis security and safety issues psychosociological ethical aspects and acceptance and technical and organisational considerations The studies will provide the context in which multimodal traffic management will operate

Initial scenarios for multimodal traffic management

Initial version of the main trend scenarios for a socioculturally accepted regarding the multimodal traffic management ecosystem MTME

Data management plan

Describes the research data generated processed and analysed within the project as well as the data flow and exchange within the project consortium Documentation of technical solution for secure data storage will be included Moreover it provides the internal procedures for dealing with the collection and handling of data whereas the goal of FAIR data will be implemented The DMP is a living document and will be updated throughout the project