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Doing Research Midnight in ROmania


Europäische Forschernacht für Forschung, Technik und Schall in Rumänien

Anlässlich der Feier des internationalen Jahrs des Schalls 2020 vereint EU-Forschung Schall und Technik, um unter jungen Menschen für die Forschungsergebnisse zu werben. Das EU-finanzierte Projekt DoReMi-RO nimmt an der Europäischen Forschernacht in Rumänien teil, die Forschungsaktivitäten, technologische Errungenschaften sowie Schall und Musik kombiniert. Das Projekt zielt darauf ab, das Wissen an Forschungsarbeit durch Versuche zu steigern und die teilnehmenden Person im Rahmen eines speziellen bürgerwissenschaftlichen Projekts miteinzubeziehen, an dem die Wissenschaft und Zivilgesellschaft zusammenarbeiten. Unter Verwendung von Smartphones misst die Öffentlichkeit das Magnetfeld in ganz Rumänien, um das Land magnetisch zu kartieren. Das Projekt läuft in 15 Städten vor, während und nach der Forschernacht.


Doing Research Midnight in ROmania (DoReMi-RO)
2020 is the International Year of Sound, an area of high importance for science and technologies for all in modern society. Our team goal is to join the European Researchers’ Night event in Romania with this initiative, in order to emphasize both research activities and technological development mixed with sounds and music: DoReMi-RO.
The promotion and dissemination of the research results among young people, in one day event, is at the same time welcome but also insufficient. For the moment the kids' curiosity will be sparked but on the next day they feel that everything is beautifully solved in science and there is not much left to do. Then, the research as a career might be unattractive. After a single successful evening, as the Night is, the event must be transformed into a new public challenge based on the well-known concept of collaborative engagement. Thus, the general objective of the project is to raise awareness on research results baked by experiments, involving the participants in a particular citizen science project whereby researchers and the public are working together. The collaborative process will take place before, during and after the Night event and aims to make the magnetic map of Romania. All together will use common smartphones to measure the magnetic field, throughout Romania. The anonymous collaborative public have to send us the measured data, along with the GPS coordinates, uploaded on an internet web-platform. DoReMi-RO event will be held in more than 15 cities, spread throughout entire Romanian territory, among which: Baia Mare, Brasov, Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta, Craiova, Iași, Pitesti, Timișoara, Sibiu and Suceava. All proposed activities are represented by various minds-on and open-air activities: hands-on experiments, debates about collaborative engagement types, games, quizzes, organized in an amusing and stimulated manner by real researchers.


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