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Sense, Science and the Magic of Food

Project description

Fostering youth’s interest in food systems transformation - with science as a tool

How to generate interest among young people and citizens about the role of science in society and, more specifically, in the sector of food systems transformation? The EU-funded SESAM (Sense, Science & the Magic of Food) project is a four-school science event to bring together young people, citizens and scientists involved in food and sustainability studies. The event uses the concept of Young Minds Food Lab to foster interest in science, research and evidence-based solutions, with a particular emphasis on attaining young people’s commitment to tackle societal challenges. SESAM's Young Minds Food Lab approach covers subjects such as biology, chemistry, math, home economics, technology understanding and physics, as well as digital principles and skills taught at school including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robotics, Biometrics, Coding and Data Science.


The purpose of the SESAM - Sense, Science and the Magic of Food is to create interest among young people at school and among citizens about the role of science in society by using the call for food systems transformation that is created by the climate crisis as the science case. The SESAM is bringing school youth, citizens and scientists involved in the bioeconomy and in curricular studies together around one open and public event in September 2-4 2020. The SESAM aims to demonstrate how young people and citizens by working together with academia and science can contribute to solving some of the urgent and complex sustainability challenges across global to local scales and multiple domains facing societies. The SESAM will be built around the idea of live Young Minds Food Lab that will form the physical frame for the events. The Young Minds Food Lab has been tested in several contexts at science and food festival as a way to highlight the commitment and importance of young peoples solutions to societal challenges. It builds on the idea of creating 21st century skills in learning workshops where pupil are challenged to address some of most important food and bio-economy relevant SDG´’s. The YouMiLa functions at the same time as a catchy and attention creating backdrop for the activities at the SESAM. The YouMiLa acts as a temporary science centre and includes a number of specific learning stations all manned by groups of 2.4 pupils all coached by a science teacher. All learning stations are involves one or more specific science principles from biology, chemistry and/or physics as well as one or more digital principles such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robotics, Biometrics, Coding and Data Science.


Net EU contribution
€ 160 785,00
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 160 785,00