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Control Prediction and LeaRning in Mixing processes

Descrizione del progetto

Nuove visioni e set di strumenti per la miscelazione

Dalla scala molecolare a quella planetaria, la miscelazione è un fenomeno necessario che comporta attività sia umane che naturali. Descrive l’evoluzione della concentrazione di una sostanza in un substrato continuo che potrebbe deformarsi. Stanno emergendo approcci predittivi che tengono conto delle molteplici sfaccettature delle dinamiche di miscelazione in un’ampia varietà di applicazioni e campi. Il progetto CoPerMix, finanziato dall’UE, formerà una nuova generazione di scienziati e ingegneri in modo da dotarli di nuove visioni e set di strumenti per la miscelazione per rispondere alla crescente necessità di comprendere e prevedere i processi di miscelazione in applicazioni ambientali e industriali.


Mixing is the science describing the evolution of the concentration of a substance (tracers, chemicals, heat, bacteria...) in a
continuum substrate that is possibly deforming. It is also a necessary process or phenomenon taking place at each scales,
from molecular to planetary, in all non-equilibrium human and natural activities. Most approaches to mixing used in science
and engineering are based on mean field approaches or phenomenological mixing models , which focus on dynamics
through effective coefficients such as mixing micro-scales, diffusivities, or on purely descriptive characterization of mixing
through entropy measures for example. A predictive approaches that account for the many facets of the dynamics of mixing
in a broad variety of applications and fields is however emerging: It consists in visualizing a mixture as a set of elongated
stripes and sheets, understand how they are stretched and dispersed by the flow, a step we call Stirring. This first step
provides the necessary tools to couple molecular diffusion, leading to the complete statistical description of the mixing
process i.e. the full concentration distribution. In that sense and as opposed to traditional approaches, this disruptive vision
has prompted new numerical and experimental methods and offers a transformative vision for Mixing to envisage its Impact
in a diversity of fields and Learn from the stirring medium itself. A new generation of scientists and engineers is required that
is aware of these fundamental issues and equipped with new visions and tool sets for mixing in order to address the
increasing need of understanding and predicting mixing processes in environmental and industrial applications. The
CoPerMix training network proposes to address this challenge by setting up an innovative and entrepreneurial training
programme that renews drastically the methods and approaches to the subject and incorporates this strategic new vision of
Mixing in prominent academic curricula.


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