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Industrial Residue Activation for sustainable cement production


The ReActiv project will create a novel sustainable symbiotic value chain, linking the by-product of the alumina production industry and the cement production industy. Bauxite residue (BR) is the main by-product of the alumina sector produced at rates of 7 million tons per year in EU, while recycling rates are less than 100 thousdand tons per year respectively. In ReActiv modification will be made to both the alumina production and the cement production side of the chain, in order to link them through the new ReActiv technologies. The latter will modify the properties of the industrial residue , transforming into an active material (with pozzolanicor hydraulic activity) suitable for new, low CO2 footprint, cement products. In this manner ReActiv proposes a win-win scenario for both industrial sectors (reducing wastes and CO2 emissions respectively).
To achieve its objectives the ReActiv project brings together the global leader in cement production with the bigest alumina producers along with top research and technology centers with significant expertise in the field. Furthermore the European alumina association and the international aluminium institute are participating in the project to safeguard the industrial dissemination and deployement of project results. The methodology developed under ReActiv can be replicated in by-products of other industrial sectors as well. To this end the project will seek to include in modelling and/or labscale enviroment other by-products in the developed flowsheets.

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