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all-in-one machine for hybrid technologies enabling high value added multi-scale integrated micro.optoelectronics

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Project guidelines

The project quality will be based on a set of rules defined in the guidelines

Scientific Dissemination and Industrial Promotion Plan

Report on scientific Dissemination activities and Industrial Promotion Plan

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan DMP set up according to the special needs of the project and will act as monitoringsystem to keep track of IP issues and open research data for the H2020 pilot


Additive Manufacturing in Atomic Layer Processing Mode

Autori: Ivan Kundrata, Maïssa K. S. Barr, Sarah Tymek, Dirk Döhler, Boris Hudec, Philipp Brüner, Gabriel Vanko, Marian Precner, Tadahiro Yokosawa, Erdmann Spiecker, Maksym Plakhotnyuk, Karol Fröhlich, Julien Bachmann
Pubblicato in: Small Methods, 2022, Pagina/e 2101546, ISSN 2366-9608
Editore: Wiley-VCH GmbH
DOI: 10.1002/smtd.202101546

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