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Mobile integrated communication in construction


MICC aims to introduce the use of on-site mobile communications as a way of improving the global competititevess of the European construction sector. Such communications are essential if quality, efficiency and safety are to be improved. MICC is defining a European wide solution which will enable all on-site organisations to radically improve management of the site through new mobile applications and services.

After laboratory and site experimentation of emerging technology, the project will perform advanced sample application experiments on four construction sites to demonstrate the viability of the architecture and the improvement in quality, efficiency and of the long-term economic efficiency of the European construction industry in competing in the international marketplace. The project is user-led and takes its direction from the fundamental requirements of the construction industry. The Consortium has set up a Project Industry Forum to cooperate closely with suppliers and communication network operators. The partners are already in contact with National Hosts. Specific industry goals include :
Integration of construction site wired and wireless networks (voice and data).
Integration of site networks with public communication network through a movable providing systems to manage a private communication network for the many companies working in the same construction site.
Definition of a European wide functional architecture to allow construction companies to use their own information systems on every European construction site.
Selection and site test of a mobile network computer as the ganger's terminal allowing him to use advanced services (update in real time of local data bases). This will allow to integrate blue collar people in corporate information systems.
This project will publish a set of tested European wide recommandations and recommand a free usage of the information. It is seen by the consortium as a major step to organise industry-wide solutions for on-site telecommunications for Construction.
In the longer term, completly new IT software will use this shared backbone to help the site management reach new levels on quality, on just in time production and on safety.
Expected Impact
The basic approach is to demonstrate the benefits of the site communication infrastructure integrating wired, wireless and mobile technologies to allow the development of completely new site applications helping the construction sector to improve production quality and efficiency. For service providers, there will be new opportunities to supply and manage "communication containers" on the many thousands of European construction sites.

Main contributions to the programme objectives:
Main deliverables
Advanced communication experiments using mobile broadband applications designed for the construction industry. Developed the "container" prototype.
Contribution to the programme
Applications development contributes to improved efficiency, quality and safety in the European construction industry.
Technical Approach
Technologies provided by the Industry Forum will be site tested (GSM, DECT, TETRA, W-Lan), some selected and integrated. A movable < communication container > will be designed and set up. Basic services (walkie-talkie, e-mail, telephone, ..) and management systems to provide for private company networks will be integrated. Two demonstrating applications based on advanced services will be developed : < Delivery of remote expertise > (a multimedia application) and < Construction site real time supervision >. Experimentations in real working conditions will be conducted and evaluated on four construction sites in four different European countries.
Key Issues
The focus of the project is the real time update of management, planning, co-ordination, supply information by all relevant professionals (site management and production people). This needs to be extended in four ways :
Integrated access to all relevant databases through wired and wireless systems,
Design of a human interface to help the production people to use their new equipment,
Use of a new mobile personal communication device providing the ganger with completely new services,
Close cooperation with the Telecommunication Industry through the Project Industry Forum to insure that the results of the MICC project will be commercially exploited after the end of the project.
Summary of the Trials
After laboratory and construction site trials for evaluating new and emerging technologies, four full construction site trials will be conducted and continuously evaluated. They will provide through the < communication container > a shared multi-organisational private network which has links to different headquarters supporting voice and data. The ganger personal device which provides both voice and data services in real time will also be tested.

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