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Mobile integrated communication in construction

Exploitable results

The consortium has designed a "communications container" movable from one construction site to another integrating the hardware and software necessary to set up a temporary local network. The network covers the construction site and is connected to public networks. It provides LAN- to- LAN connection for the site hut and cordless telephony, wireless and mobile data collection for everyone everywhere on the construction site. The selected technologies enable full interoperability for the user (DECT/GAP for voice services, TCP/IP for data networks, Web technology for applications). The full-scale trials have demonstrated the impact on people, who can now be reached everywhere and who are integrated into the corporate data flow. This is a "first" for the construction sector. Future hand-held equipment using the same telecommunications infrastructure will allow real time updating of a local database, enabling a completely new set of applications in the "just in time" perspective. The product can be applied to temporary set-ups of distributed organizations. The MICC communications container provides a cost- effective solution in every sector where people's work location within a unique site is constantly changing.