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Exploitable results

The European Concerted Action on giant Magnetostrictive Materials and Applications (ECAMMA) has strengthened and intensified cooperation among European actors in the field of magnetostrictive materials and applications. The field of activities included the investigation and comparison of properties of magnetostrictive bulk materials, an interlaboratory comparison test of thin magnetostrictive film properties, the comparison of software tools enabling the simulation of materials and applications as well as the demonstration of magnetostrictive actuators for applications like vibration control and damage detection. The activities have been organized in three working groups. ECAMMA has been recognised as a European forum of multidisciplinary experts for any matters related to giant magnetostriction, from materials to applications. The coordination of has boosted research activities in Europe and created results which can be exploited by industrial enterprises. The availability of general engineering data on different materials and thin magnetostrictive films as well as the investigation of simulation tools accelerates the process of exploitation from research into applications. The suitability of magnetostrictive actuators for vibration control and damage detection have been demonstrated on structural parts of aircraft wings. Industrial enterprises frequently can use the network to get a first information on the suitability of magnetostrictive materials for potential applications and to get into contact with experts providing development support. A variety of new co-operative projects have been initiated in the field of generation of high intensity low frequency ultrasound generation, the damage detection of structures and the use of magnetostrictive thin films in microsystems.