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LeaNOx Development for Lean Burn Cars and Diesel Trucks


Objectives and content

In the search for vehicle power sources with low fuel consumption, the lack of an effective after-treatment device for NOx hinders the full exploitation of fuel efficient diesel and lean-burn engines. The reduction of NOx in large oxygen excess using a reducing agent such as hydrocarbons from the fuel and a selective catalyst will possibly provide an effective solution. The on-going LeaNOx program indicates a high potential for such systems.

In the proposed project three demonstrator vehicles and targeted basic research will be performed. The main objectives are:

- to realise a lean-burn car for the Euro 3 standards, simultaneously addressing the C02 emission issue.
- to realise a DI HD truck engine for the Euro 3 standards, simultaneously addressing the C02 emission issue.

The key issues (novel catalyst materials, mechanistics, reducing agent, ageing, design criteria, HC-level strategy) will all be linked together in the program to enable design of the complete system.

In order to reach the objectives, basic research performed at some of the leading European Universities (Leuven, Reading, Mulhouse, Bochum, Lund and Abo) will provide an indispensable platform for further development in the vehicle industry (Volvo, BMW, VW, Daimler-Benz, Renault) together with the catalyst manufacturing partner (Heraeus-Asalmaz). Reducing agent injection and mixing for DI diesel engines will be analysed and developed by AVL. The results will be directly implemented in the demonstrators.

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