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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-24

Novel approaches to conserve our european heritage : bioremediation for building restoration of the urban stone heritage in european states


BIOBRUSH is a 6-partner consortium of European scientists, industrialists and conservators formed to study the feasibility of using bioremediation to restore stone buildings in European cities. This innovative approach will select appropriate microorganisms and delivery systems so that treatment combinations can be tested in the laboratory and then on buildings where performance and risk will be assessed under the different climatic conditions of Northern and Southern Europe. The 7 work packages require full collaboration between scientific partners and the end-user conservators and industries. Outcomes will be disseminated by WWW, monographs, reports and research papers. A culture collection for conservation use will be lodged in existing European microbial collections and a new treatment process based on bioremediation will help to arrest damage to the European cultural heritage caused by urban pollution.

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