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Flexible Clinical Terminology


GALEN-IN-USE is part of a comprehensive European strategy for integrated and open health care information systems. It will support telematics for the promotion of more flexible multilingually-based clinical terminology and classification. It will also highlight the effectiveness of clinical systems using these resources and encourage their further development. Project applications will rely on a readily adaptable grammar and lexicon of concepts rather than a fixed set of terms or descriptive headings. Validation will cover the fields of general practice, diabetic treatment and cardiology.

GALEN-IN-USE is an essential part of a comprehensive strategy for integrated healthcare records and open healthcare information systems. GALEN-IN-USE will catalyse the development of Europe-wide telematic infrastructure to harmonise and maintain multilingual resources for clinical language, terminology and classification. It will demonstrate effective clinical systems using these resources and effective tools to maintain and develop them.

GALEN-IN-USE will cooperate with the European Federation of Classification Centres to demonstrate new techniques for harmonising national terminologies and classifications. Medical procedures is taken as the test case because of their economic importance and the demand from users internationally for a more flexible terminology. GALEN's techniques allow great flexibility in tailoring the terminology to local and national needs because they are based on a 'reference model' -- a grammar and lexicon of concepts which can be recombined and reorganised as required -- rather than a fixed set of terms or 'rubrics'.

GALEN-IN-USE will validate the resources developed through demonstrators covering clinical protocols and data entry systems for General Practice, Diabetic Care and Cardiology in cooperation with other projects in the Fourth Framework Programme and national initiatives.

GALEN-IN-USE will contribute to an open multilingual environment for clinical systems across Europe.

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