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Optimized release from isol targets

Risultati finali

A relational database based on Oracle has been created with data on diffusion and desorption of elements in/from different materials. The database contains more than 2000 of diffusion parameters recompiled from published references and is available on line. The desorption time of more than 1800 pairs of sorbens/adsorbent surface can be obtained via a web interface as function of the temperature.
New ISOL beams of radioactive isotopes have been produced at GANIL. The following new beams are immediately available for use at the SPIRAL facility: 14N, 14O, 15O, 19O, 20O, 21O, 22O and 18F. Beams of the following isotopes were observed at the SIRa teststand, but are not immediately available at SPIRAL: 10C, 11C, 15C, 16C, 20F, 21F, 22F, 25Na, 26Na, 21Mg, 22Mg, 23Mg, 27Mg, 28Al, 29Al, 29P, 30P, 30S, 31S, 32Cl, 33Cl, 34Cl, 70As, 71Se, 73Se, 72Br, 73Br.
New or improved ISOL beams of the following elements have been produced at ISOLDE: 7Be, 10Be, 19-22O, 24-30Ne, 22,23Mg, 30-34Mg, 28-34Al, 41-50Ar, 69-81Zn, 61-86Ga, 70Br, 96-99Kr, 124-133Cd, 130-135In, 130-137Sn, 112-115Xe, 145-147Xe, 158-185Hf, 179-200Tl, 182-215Pb, 188-218Bi and 204-210At. These beams are now routinely available. Preoperational work has been performed to provide new or improved beams of: B, C, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Tc, Ru, Re, Os, Ir, Au and Hg. The implementation of these improvements requires the construction of dedicated target and ion source units.
IRES (Isotope RElease Simulator) are a web application that has been developed to calculate the release of radioactive nuclei from ISOL targets. This Monte Carlo simulation program tracks the paths of point-like objects (namely atoms or photons) moving within solid boundaries. IRES allow you to launch simulations via the web and receive the results through e-mail.