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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-24

Towards controlling antimicrobial use and resistance in low-income countries-an intervention study in latinamerica


Irrational use and bacterial resistance to antimicrobials are major public health problems amplified in low- income countries. The project will describe antimicrobial use and resistance in healthy children in urban and remote rural communities of Bolivia and Peru. Antimicrobial use will be analysed by means of household surveys with a triangulation of methods. Antimicrobial resistance will be analysed in commensal flora using a robust resistance screening method. Resistant bacteria will be investigated for genetic resistance mechanisms. Influencing factors including policy and non-human use will also be analysed. To improve the situation a community intervention package focusing on rational use of antimicrobials will be evaluated. It will be developed and implemented in collaboration with the local public and private health services on the basis of the generated results enforced by the national drug policy. The project will contribute to a more appropriate antimicrobial use and evidence based antimicrobial policy.

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