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Adaptive Resource Control for QoS Using an IP-based Layered Architecture


AQUILA defines, evaluates, and implements an enhanced architecture for QoS (Quality of Service) in the Internet. Existing approaches e.g. Differentiated Services, Integrated Services and label switching technologies (e.g. MPLS, Multi-Protocol Label Switching) will be exploited and significantly enhanced, contributing to international standardisation.
The architecture will be designed to be cost-effective and scalable. It introduces a software layer for distributed and adaptive resource control and facilitates migration from existing networks and end-user applications.
Technical solutions will be verified by testbed experiments and user trials, including QoS-enhanced on-line multimedia services. Business plans for further exploitation will be studied.

To enable dynamic end to end QoS provisioning in IP networks for QoS sensitive applications
- To continuously analyse customer requirements and market situations and to create applicable business plans
- To design a cost-effective, scalable and backward compatible QoS architecture enhancing the Differentiated Services architecture with dynamic resource and admission control
- To enable migration to and deployment of QoS-enabled networks
- To develop a novel resource control layer extending Bandwidth Broker functionality
- To implement prototypes of the QoS architecture as well as QoS based end user services
- To provide a toolkit for migration of end user applications to QoS To create tools for QoS monitoring and management
- To develop and integrate a distributed QoS measurement infrastructure
- To validate the architecture in testbeds and user trials
- To contribute to standardization bodies like IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), ITU (International Telecoms Union), OMG (Open Management Group)
- To keep the project open for new concepts and recent developments

Work description:
- Innovative network architecture for QoS in the Internet
- Analysis of relevant traffic control mechanisms
- Distributed resource control layer for IP networks
- QoS management tool

- M11, M12: begin/end of 1st integration and trial phase
- M22, M21: begin/end of 2nd integration and trial phase

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