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Implementing short-term prediction at utilities

Exploitable results

To predict the power produced from grid-connected wind farms by using meteorological forecasting and to implement this prediction at electrical utilities. The time-frame is from 0 to 48 hours ahead. This is done by extending and applying the results of the JOULE project: "Short-term prediction of local wind conditions" and of the JOULE2 project: "Wind Power Prediction Tool in Central Dispatch Centres", and EFP (Energy Research Program) project: "Using Meteorological Predictions". The main goal was to develop the models to such an extent that it can be demonstrated that any utility with a certain amount of installed wind energy capacity can use the models with economic benefits. A further goal was to show that these methods and techniques developed in Europe can be used worldwide and thereby create further opportunities for the EU wind power industry. In the project four areas have been chosen: Denmark; England, Scotland and Wales; Greece (Crete); and Iowa in the USA.