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Decentralized production of electricity from biomass


To find alternative sources of renewable energy, which are economically viable w.r.t. existing non renewable sources.
To provide a solution to the present non-profitability of the European Agricultural Industry.

The objective is to determine the production potential and economics of energy crops in Europe.

The results will be described in an environmental impact report : CO2 emissions, NOx2, SO2 particle emissions. Benefits from a reduction in fossil fuel consumption. Economic and financial analysis.

The situation in Europe is that fossil-fuelled electricity generation and combined heat and power (CHP) systems of different sizes are available. Some specialized biomass thermal processing systems exist as do other power generation components
compared and assessed critically as complete power generating systems. This perspective needs to address the implications of adopting biomass energy cropping systems.

The study is being undertaken at a European level in order to cover a wide range of crops and to draw on the broad experience of the participants. Recent CAP legislation requires 15% of arable land in the EC is set aside for non-food uses. Energy agriculture is a possible use for this land. The global environmental issues which are involved need to be tackled on an international scale.

Pre-feasibility studies of two or three systems optimised for the areas of the study will be carried out. Typical applications would be: small on-farm power production; CHP plant for energy intensive agro-industries (eg chicken farming); power stations producing electricity for distribution through the local electricity company's network.


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