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Renewable energies in architecture and design application of advanced solar technology


The objective is to establish a forum and a network for the leading practicing architects and designers from Europe to achieve a breakthrough for environmentally responsible architecture and design.

The group will meat in several working session and in summits and will continue the work on "The Charta of Florence, 1993:
1. In order to survive we must adapt all our activities to the natural rhythms of the earth and its systems.
2. Solar energy is the fundamental resource and solar architecture a response to the crisis facing the human race.
3. The current knowledge and skills of architects, designers, engineers and industry can being to resolve the crisis but need to be economically supported and encouraged by all our governments.
4. We must all take responsability for this in our art, in our politics, learning to draw from our colleagues in all other disciplines This network of practicing architects works by the means of information, communication and field cases in order to commit their members and encourage others to design and build an environment following those goals.

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