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Exploitable results

The EU-Educational Multimedia Project BREVIE (Bridging Reality and Virtuality with a graspable User Interface) has developed a radical new kind of learning environment. It is not only based on real equipment, virtual reality, simulation and multimedia enrichment but on a close coupling of all these worlds to support a new constructivist learning paradigm. The BREVIE learning environment, from which the present product concept CLEAR (Constructive Learning using Artificial Reality) evolved, combines real equipment with proven techniques and products in interactive 3D visualization and simulation. It allows students to assemble a pneumatic circuit using real components, which are scanned via an image processing system into a computer to produce two-dimensional schematic diagrams, fully functioning representations, and 3D virtual reality circuits, on which test runs and simulations can be conducted on-screen. The underlying system database contains a full 3D model of each of the components, a brief description of their function, and their detailed specifications. The use of actual components gives the student the feel and experience of the real world and the use of 3D visualisation and schematic representations mean that strong cognitive links can be made between the real and abstract concepts required for learning.