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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-07

Effectiveness of national integration strategies towards second generation migrant youth in a comparative European perspective


The proposed research will examine the effectiveness of policies and strategies aimed to integrate second generation migrant youth within contemporary European societies. The main part of the research involves an empirical assessment of integration strategies in France, Germany and Great Britain. This will be supplemented by a range of secondary analyzes of parallel phenomena in The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Finland and Switzerland.
The project has a strong commitment to the involvement of policymakers in the research. This will be coordinated by a series of national and local steering committees. Central to the research are the twin beliefs that issues of integration are central to the effective social, economic and cultural development of Europe and that the experiences of each country within the EU can and should inform the development of the best practise both within and across the nations that constitute the European Union.

The proposed research team are all international experts in the field of integration and ethnic minority research. The core team is coordinated a German research institute and also involves a French and a British partner. They will be assisted by a wider European grouping of experts.
The research will fill an enormous gap in the contemporary social scientific knowledge about the integration of the children of international migrants within contemporary Europe. Across Europe this has become a pressing social issue but, as yet, there is little rigorous empirical research into the effectiveness of the various strategies that have evolved to resolve this central dilemma. The proposed research offers a powerful research design. It will permit a systematic assessment of the nature and extent of integration of young people by comparing simultaneously national differences and differences between the children of international migrants and indigenous young people. The results of this research will be of major significance to policy-makers across the European Union.

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