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IMaging-based CUSTOMised EYE diagnostics

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Customised optical coherence tomography system for corneal deformation imaging on multiple meridians

Author(s): A. Curatolo, J. Birkenfeld, J. A. Germann, A. de Castro, G. Muralidharan, M. Velasco, E. Martínez, and S. Marcos
Published in: 2018

Assessment of ocular mechanical resonances using phase-sensitive OCT and frequency-domain air puff stimulation

Author(s): J. Birkenfeld, A. Ramier, B. Tavakol, S. Marcos and S. Yun
Published in: 2018

Obtaining biomechanical properties of corneal tissue in-vivo using a non-contact method

Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) Simulation Of the human eye under the air puff tonometry using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Intraocular Pressure Measurement Pre- and Post Refractive Surgery Using GAT and CorVis ST bIOP Algorithm

Novel Intraocular Pressure Measurement Algorithm for Patients with Keratoconus

Background Subtraction Vs Highpass filtering in phase sensitive Optica Coherence Tomography

Author(s): Ryan McAuley, A. Nolan, K. Larin, M. Singh, S. Alexandrov, Martin Leahy
Published in: Bi-annual Biophotonics and Imaging Summer School (BIGSS'18), 2018

Biomechanics of the Eye _ Chapter 6. Material properties of the human cornea: anisotropy