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Science and Technology International Cooperation Network for Gulf Cooperation Countries aiming at the promotion of bi-regional dialogue

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Cooperation with the Gulf countries

Europe wants to work with countries of the Persian Gulf. An EU project facilitated dialogue on scientific exchange and research priorities, resulting in a networking platform and National Contact Points (NCPs).

Industrial Technologies

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are a group of six Arabic countries with coastlines on the Persian Gulf. EU frameworks encourage scientific and technological exchange between the EU and GCC. Making such goals a reality was the EU-funded INCONET-GCC project, which ran from January 2010 to the end of 2012. The 18-member consortium aimed to foster dialogue between the EU and GCC. The dialogue was intended to identify common priorities and interests concerning science and technology (S & T), and to foster practical interaction. During the project's tenure it created a networking platform for dialogue on policy and the future of S & T. The group's work also contributed to the Strategic European Framework for International Science and Technology Cooperation. Additionally, the project supported the creation of GCC NCPs, and facilitated their integration in the European NCP network. Team members produced a report on a collaborative S & T policy, providing input to the decisions of the GCC–EU Joint Council. The report describes the development of a bibliometric study and the mapping of research priorities. The agreed priorities include: water and other environmental issues, information communication technologies, health and energy security. The team also produced a white paper, a roadmap and a sustainability report. Project members additionally liaised with other EU networks operating in the Gulf region, as well as organisations representing non-GCC countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Yemen. The legacy of the INCONET-GCC project is improved collaboration between the GCC and EU, which will enable innovation and thus economic growth in the GCC. Such a development also benefits the EU.


Gulf Cooperation Council, Persian Gulf, scientific exchange, research priorities, networking platform, technological exchange, science and technology, policy, NCP network

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