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“DIVA: Data Intensive Visualization and Analysis”

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New horizons in visual presentation

Advances in 3D modelling and interactive visualisation promise to support many applications in the future, from computed tomography scanning and architecture through to high-tech entertainment.

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In today’s high-tech world, data visualisation has become very important for deciphering the massive amount of information around us, supporting fields from science right through to entertainment. The EU-funded DIVA (Data intensive visualisation and analysis) project trained field experts to tackle challenges in visual presentation and advance our understanding of data-intensive application environments. Bringing together early-stage scientific researchers, the project worked on developing new methodologies in data-driven science and technology applications. In partnership with various renowned industry names, it integrated relevant training and research projects on topics such as data acquisition and knowledge discovery. Key study subjects included data compression, visual data processing, feature extraction, multi-scale modelling, interactive rendering, display systems, human-computer interaction and visual perception. In line with its objectives, DIVA successfully embarked its researchers on intensive training activities, including three multi-day summer schools over three years and four workshops. Project achievements also included fellow exchanges between the partner institutions, local training and education at each project partner host site, and training through research initiatives. Science and technology is one area that could particularly benefit from DIVA. Another is 3D data processing, for example in reconstruction of architectural structures. Project research in interactive visualisation and display systems has already led to many publications. DIVA's progress and results have also been published on the project website. In parallel, the project team was active through conferences, workshops, lab visits for students and summer schools. Overall, the project has helped overcome barriers related to large-scale interactive 3D visualisation and display systems. It built a team of experts who have advanced the field and bolstered European competitiveness in this respect. The results generated from this project will contribute to many core technologies of the future.


Visual presentation, data compression, DIVA, visual data processing, feature extraction, multi-scale modelling

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